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Coffee Crowdfunding is a new way of contributing to the well-being of Colombian coffee-growing families, through donations made by Colombian coffee lovers around the world. 

The resources received through this initiative of the Colombian National Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), will be invested in short-term sustainability projects that will improve the living conditions of Colombian coffee producers, allowing consumers to connect and contribute to well-being of our coffee families.


The FNC is a non-profit institution that represents all Colombian coffee growers nationally and internationally, seeking their well-being and profitability.

Thanks to the efficiency and transparency with which we have carried out sustainability projects for more than 90 years for the benefit of coffee farming families, we have established ourselves as key allies in the implementation of social projects in the country.

We assure our allies and benefited coffee growers, the execution of donated resources with complete traceability.

For every purchase of Colombian coffee that you make, through our allies, a percentage will be destined as seed to plant the coffee dreams of our coffee growers.

With your purchase invoice number, find your donation here.

In the section FUNDING SEEDS, you will know the percentage collected and be able to consult the progress of the project in which you are contributing.

In the section OUR HARVEST, you will see how your seed managed to harvest a coffee dream, once the 100% of the goal of the project is reached.

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José Leobardo Montoya
María Rosa Pérez
Water Filter
Construction of a pulp dryer
José Leobardo Montoya

For him, an appropriate drying infrastructure is essential in the production process of high quality coffee.

– José Leobardo Montoya

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